My First PCB 🦌

Design a printed circuit board to get you started in the world of electronics design and small scale manufacturing!

Why PCB’s? 🤔

  • Maybe you’ve been building up your own circuits on a breadboard for a while now, and maybe soldering some of them onto strip-board, but want to make them look nicer.
  • You want things to be more robust, professional and safe to help with product development or your own systems.
  • You’ve seen designs on the internet and need help to make it or adapt it yourself.
  • You need to design your own printed circuit boards!

It’s easier than you think!

This course is built to give you an understanding of the basic fundamentals in electronics production with KiCad using MCQN Ltd’s experience designing and developing products, systems and the Internet of Things. Everything from cuff-links, dust sensors, Museum installations and internet connected bells, LED drivers and bubble machines.

FAQs 🧐

What version of KiCad do I need?

The guide was last tested with KiCad (5.1.9)-1, and should work with version 5. Earlier versions may have slightly different features and menus/windows.

Do I need any previous experience?

You’ll need to have some experience and literacy building and prototyping simple electronic circuits using low voltage batteries and breadboards. You may have built some basic Arduino projects or experimented with powering or controlling LEDs or other electronics. You may have already built simple electronic sensors and now want to make more robust custom ‘breakout’ boards.

Some Inspiration ✨

Some links to the awesome PCB art that others have made: