Our Philosophy

The defining development of our age is that software and computing power are seeping into every corner of life.

At MCQN Ltd we work at using that power to improve the world.

Our specialisms are the Internet of Things and digital fabrication. We treat software and the network as materials - with their own qualities and affordances, much like wood or metal.

You need a deep understanding of how to work the material in order to unlock the potential of connected devices, or a connected society. You don’t gain that level of understanding by thinking and reading about it. You get it by making and by doing.

We won’t just recommend bits of hardware for one person or some software for another in isolation - our recommendations are based on our experience of building our own products putting these ideas into practice from end to end (learning plenty in the process).

Nor do we just advise people on new methods of manufacturing and working - we co-founded (and reside in) a makerspace and startup hub, where we put all of this into practice.


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