We've been living and breathing the Internet of Things since 2008, so are well placed to help you understand it. We were even asked to write a book about it.


If you want to better understand how the Internet of Things will affect your business then maybe we can help.

It could be as simple as us spending a day or two with your team, like with did with American Express, talking through the possibilities and bringing you up to speed on the platforms, projects and products already available.

With more time we can get a deeper understanding of your business, or the particular challenges or opportunities that you'd like to explore. Then we'll report back with specific recommendations or suggestions of exploratory projects to test the water.

And if you want help getting hands-on and testing the water with connected devices, we can help design and build them - from hardware sketches through to finished product.


Founder Adrian McEwen has been invited to talk about the Internet of Things at a number of conferences and events around the world. That has included Thinking Digital University and Post Digital back in 2009, the popular IoTLondon meetup, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce's Insight 11, and the first Italian Internet of Things Day.


We also run workshops if you'd like to learn how to build your own connected devices. The popular Howduino hack weekends have toured the country, letting people experiment with all manner of physical computing - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone and more.

The more structured workshops tend to be based around the de facto platform of Arduino, either as an introduction to Arduino itself, or a more focused Internet of Things course based around the Arduino Ethernet board.