A relatively quiet start to the new year. There were a few bits of remote debugging with Museum in a Box HQ as the team down in London finished off this batch of box assembly, and some preparatory work for the LoRaWAN project I mentioned at the end of that last update.

I took advantage of the lull to catch up on some admin—getting an invoice out and the accounts up-to-date. I even chipped away a bit more at completing the company archive. Every project we undertake gets its own ibalXXX number and page on this website. For the past couple of years they've been documented as they're undertaken, however that only started around the time of ibal166. When I first set it up I wrote-up a lot of them, and filling in the gaps has been a background process since. Last week saw another fifteen or so ticked off.

Documenting everything from the small, fun Twitter-bot to months-long research projects is rather completist, but it's useful to be able to look back over the output of the company and see the variety and rhythms of the work.