Adrian here, managing for once to get the weeknotes out while they're still just for one week.

Following last week's clamber into the software stack of protocols and, given the amount of work I've done over my career reading protocol specs and writing code to implement them, probably my most comfortable zone of development; I could crank out the code and got everything working nicely.

As a result, I could use an ESP32 to update the firmware on an Arduino Mega, over the serial line. As the client project happens to contain both of those, it will let the system download new firmware from a USB drive or over the WiFi using those features of the ESP32S2 and then update the code running on the ATMEGA2560 chip with its greater I/O capabilities.

Rows of people sat watching Kirsty presenting the welcome session at the Merseyside Cycling Campaign AGM

On Saturday the Merseyside Cycling Campaign held their AGM at DoES Liverpool. That brought over sixty cyclists along to the space for a series of talks and presentations alongside the formal agenda. It was a celebration of the wealth of community groups getting more people riding and forged lots of new links and friendships.

We were there as attendees, but also took the opportunity to show off My Bike's Got LED. Chris spent some of the week working on the Atuline sound reactive fork of WLED, as we thought it would be good to show off the lights changing in time to some music. Plus we could have a couple of bikes with their lights synchronized over WiFi, making it even cooler!

In the end, the event was too packed to show anything beyond a single bike. You'll have to keep an eye out for when we get it set up and running on one of our group rides instead.

He's also been chipping away at the redesign work for the updated version of My Bike's Got LED. Checking over the fixes to the bugs in the first prototypes and starting to fold that back into a revised design.