A week of steady progress and catching up with old (business) friends.

Monday was a ridiculously long day for a trip down to London. It didn't have to be so long, but booking train tickets at short notice and not wanting to pay a couple of hundred quid to travel down in time for a morning meeting resulted in catching the 5:30am train out of Lime Street, and getting back at 11:30pm. Still, it was good to catch up with Alex and the guys at Tinker.it (I'm helping them out with running a workshop this coming week, and we were planning and working out logistics) and also calling in to see Pachube whilst I was down the road. I also seemed to get lots more email done than I usually manage - maybe I should work on the train more often...

The rest of the week was spent working on the Bubblino, honing Arduino code for the project with .:oomlout:., and other bits and pieces (such as a little bit of helping with the organising and promotion of the upcoming Liverpool Ignite event).

And Friday completed the bookending of the week with catching up with other firms, although much closer to home this time with lunch at the Piazza cafe at the far end of Hope Street. It was the second gathering of what will hopefully become a regular fixture in the Liverpool tech scene - local startups getting together for a chat and some lunch. Our first mission, it seems, is to work our way along Hope Street trying out the eateries.

So, eatery no.1: The Piazza cafe, next to the Metropolitan Cathedral. Has free WiFi, and lots of natural light through the big windows looking out over the lead up to the cathedral. Perfectly placed for anyone visiting Liverpool Science Park, which is next-door, and my lasagne with salad and bottle of dandelion & burdock weren't outstanding, but were perfectly adequate.