This week has been a week of starting new projects.

A lovely package full of scheming on it's way to @amcewen of ... on Twitpic

Two of the projects are Arduino-related: I made a start on a new Bubblino commission, getting all the components together and dismantling things ready for drilling and soldering; and also getting stuck into writing code for the contents of the box I received from .:oomlout:. recently.

That coding has involved digging out the DNS client that I wrote for Arduino, and also has resulted in me reworking some other Arduino code that does HTTP requests into a more general purpose library. I really need to make the time to parcel both of those up into something that other people can use, but in the meantime, if anyone is desperately in need of DNS or HTTP code for Arduino, drop me a line.

And the biggest, or maybe just the most intense, of the new projects is the set-top box project I mentioned last week. The quote got okayed on Thursday, which prompted a blur of hardware ordering as the deadline is in March. It wouldn't be too much of a problem if that was the only project on the go, but as the project with .:oomlout:. has its first milestone at Maker Faire UK it's going to be a busy few weeks.

All of which explains why I'm writing weeknotes on a Saturday night. But it's been an enjoyable day head-down churning out HTTP code, so I don't mind too much.