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I is for Inspiration.
What is it that engages you? That really causes you to think? That helps you imagine how your life could be, or what you could achieve?

There can be a fine line between imagining your new, improved life and day-dreaming, but with things that truly inspire you there'll be a deeper resonance with what you feel you should do. As you notice it more, it will be something that moves you to act. Real inspiration is when you want to get started on things yesterday. You have to turn thought into deed. Which is fantastic, because as we learnt in A, action is what matters.

Inspiration as Guide

But what if you don't know what inspires you?

There must be something that excites and energises you. Maybe you just haven't noticed its effect, or dismissed it as too fanciful. Try to develop a sense for spotting it - it could be something you read, a certain type of film, specific people when you're around them, an activity or a cause you connect with strongly. If need be, jot them down when they occur.

Then use their effect to your advantage. Seek out inspiration when you're stuck in a rut and use it to get fired up about your life.

And over time, steer your life and career to where you get to encounter inspiration more often. Set up a positive feedback loop to get more enjoyment out of what you do. Use inspiration as a signpost to help you navigate through life and you'll end up happier and more productive.