NOTE: This post is now filled! We welcomed Nikki to the team.

MCQN is an outward-looking, Open Design studio that affords individuals and SMEs the advantages of gentle internet-connected objects and systems, while safeguarding user privacy & security.

We produce...

  • Simple products for individuals and small businesses to enjoy connectivity
  • End-to-end design consultancy for internet of things and digital fabrication
  • Talks and workshops on the internet of things, indie manufacturing, and more

The company is now growing beyond just Adrian, the founder, and looking to increase how much business comes from our own products alongside the ongoing consultancy work. As a result, we're looking to hire someone to handle sales and marketing.

As a small company, there's a fair bit of wearing of different hats. That also means that there's more scope for tailoring the role to suit whoever we hire. I think it will suit a different sort of person to that which comes to mind when you think "sales and marketing for a tech firm"—we're looking for someone with an interest in other people alongside an interest in (but probably not with deep technical skills in) technology.

Things involved:

  • Identifying who would be interested/benefit from our products
  • Working out how to make them aware of us
  • Being the initial point of contact for customers
  • Writing blog posts for the MCQN Ltd blog
  • Managing the social media channels for the company
  • Generating content (writing copy, taking photos, producing simple videos) for social media, the blog, and the online store
  • Packing and shipping orders

There's also scope for getting involved (and learning) more on the production and/or development side, using the digital fabrication equipment at DoES Liverpool.

Given the physical side of what we make, it will be a mostly on-site role based at the makerspace/co-working space DoES Liverpool. We expect it to be a full-time role, with a salary of £24k/year, including a pension and 25 days holiday. That said, we're open to discussing more flexible or even part-time options.

Here's what your predecessor said about us:

"MCQN Ltd is an absurdly great company to work for and I am forever grateful to Adrian for taking the risk of hiring someone with such a chaotic CV."