The client workload is calming down as we head into Christmas. There are a couple of projects lined up for the new year, and I'm also looking forward to having some more time to focus on MCQN Ltd products and staffing!

Fresh from last week's work on text parsing, I got code written to take the results and send them over to display on the Metroscopes. I need a site visit to see if that works, so there's likely only half-a-day left on that to flush out any bugs and then it will be ready to go live.

On the Factoree work it was a varied week.

There was a tiny bit of KiCad and FreeCAD work to create a new footprint from the 3D design for a custom battery terminal the one of the rest of the team has designed. That'll let others on the team incorporate it into the PCB design and have it rendered properly in the 3D viewer.

And there was more work setting up our TIG stack to let us collect and analyze sensor data. Configuring the security certificates so that traffic to/from the site is encrypted and tidying up the MQTT broker.

These will be the last weeknotes this year, so I'll sign off and wish you a good (as possible, given the current times!) festive break!