Nikki doing the weeknotes this week! There’s not much for me to show as marketing strategies aren’t very interesting.

Adrian hasn’t too much he can share publicly, but did spend some time test-driving a couple of electric-assist cargo bikes. Agile Liverpool loaned them to Aeternum to see how well they’d work for getting out and about round Liverpool to install and maintain their fleet of air quality sensors. They’re great fun to ride!

Meanwhile Chris has been milling copper boards to test a new boost convertor chip for My Bikes got LED. The test circuit was designed in Kicad and then exported to jscut to create a tool path for the milling machine. Hand soldering smd resistors has given him a renewed appreciation of reflow soldering.

He also met with Ross Dalziel who we’ve drafted in to help out with the Ackers Bell. He’s working out how to standardize the production and looking for manufacturing partners for the CNCing work on the plywood frames. Drop us a line if you’ve got any good leads on that!

They also discussed making some final tweaks to the Acker’s Bell design to get ready for the first production run.