Adrian writing this week (nice to be back to having to explain who I am *grin*).

The technical work I got done was all on the Factoree website project. There'll be a static site to sit alongside the data visualization TIG stack, and this week was all about getting that bootstrapped.

We're sticking with the tried-and-tested (it's what this site is built with, as well as Jekyll. What was new was using the Gitlab continuous integration pipelines to automatically deploy a new version of the site whenever the source repository is changed.

I've done similar with Github in the past, but not used Gitlab's equivalent before. It wasn't too troublesome although, as ever, it resulted in a bunch of commits while I debugged the finer points of permissions. But now the site gets built in a container in the pipeline, and the resulting static site is copied across to the production server; which means that the running code is all kept well away from a publicly accessible machine.

Chris and I took a trip over to Peloton Liverpool's workshop to spec the charging station we're building for their Disco Breastplates (and got Chris' bike serviced into the bargain)!

A screenshot of FreeCAD showing the new design of the Ackers Bell taking shape

Followed then by lots of work on Freecad to progress the Ackers Bell, working out the best way to mill the base.

And the big news on the non-technical side is that we started interviewing for the sales/marketing/storytelling role. Nothing much to report yet beyond that, but it's a nice milestone to reach in expanding that side of the company.