Aside from an interesting call to discuss some possible work around our "15 minute city" experiments, it's been a week of just getting on with existing work.

I had a trip down to FACT to confirm the final few bits of the protocol to talk to the Metroscope lights. It wasn't essential for the project to get them running again, but while the old PC and software are still available, it's good to complete the documenting of it for any future records.

We also took a first pass through the algorithm for choosing what to display. I've had some code running for the past few weeks to gather some test data, and have written some naive parsing code to give us something to build on.

Everything else has been bike-related!

The dogfooding of My Bike's Got LED continued (alongside my continued struggles to get LEDs to look as good in photos as they do in real life...)

Initially I thought the lights would be something I'd mostly use on group rides, but I'm pleased to report that I'm just running them by default when it's dark.

And they are great fun in a group. Here you can see them lighting up the frame of my bike, as well as four other riders sporting the LED vests that Jackie Pease has been making. All of which are powered by the My Bike's Got LED boards.

The heat issue on the boost circuit still hasn't been solved, but I have done some more poking at it. That's resulted in a few more components getting ordered so I can try out my latest ideas.

And wrapping up the cycle work, I've done a bit of consulting for Agile Delivery. They're the cargo-bike hire and delivery co-operative that I hired a cargo bike from a while back. I've been helping them get to grips with using CoopCycle, the delivery software-platform for a federation of bike delivery co-ops around the world!