Arthur had his last day here at MCQN on Tuesday, and headed off to his new role. That gave me some more firsts to work through: the admin of an employee leaving. So now MCQN Ltd has issued its first P45, which feels like quite a big milestone but not one to celebrate too much.

There was more work on the teleprinter. I got it all reassembled but we had issues on the power supply side of our new interfacing electronics, so couldn't check whether we've fixed the switching-between-figures-and-letters problem (or even confirm that I've not broken anything in the attempt!)

And it was a Museum in a Box week for me—so I got to spend (most of) a day wrangling Heroku. We're old enough that some of our infrastructure has gone end-of-life, which I guess is some sort of milestone, so I needed to migrate it to the latest-and-greatest. It was a pretty simple task, but as it's not something I do often it was a careful and measured operation with a bunch of testing things on staging first.

I'm happy to report that all went well, and the server is running on its new underpinnings and has the new features that it needs for the imminent new Box software release.