Arthur again this week: Work on the totaliser continued. I'm pretty happy with the design, but progress has once again reminded me of the '3X' rule. That is, for a task or project, it will often take three times as long to complete it than my initial estimate. Mysteriously, this applies even if I inflate the estimate before giving it to anyone. I had not told Adrian about this rule before I took this job. On the totaliser project, I hit 3X on Friday. It feels about 80% there and I do NOT want to talk about the Pareto principle. In place of a completed prototype unit, and the write-up of this unusual application of the My Baby's Got LED board (back in stock - please buy now!), here's a little collage of the development, which I'll explain in more detail after the build stage. As for the time it took to put the collage together... chalk another one up for the 3X rule.
Collage of the development of the totaliser, including a sketch of a colourful pyramid, some tightly bent laser cut plywood, a child's xylophone, a small section of folded-up LED strip, a cardboard mockup, and a plywood prototype.
In other news, we made our first sale of the new, safer, My Baby's Got LED board! Not too much of note from Adrian: some admin, working up quotes and prep work for some new client work kicking off properly next week.