A real mix of work this week.

It kicked off with the first session in a how-to-make-maps workshop for Taking Root. We added their community gardens to OpenStreetMap and used umap to explore creating custom maps.

Then there was a bunch of admin in preparation for our new employee starting: checking the insurance; finalising contract; etc. This always takes longer than I think it should, but it's done now. Deadlines are wonderful things.

Thursday was spent with the DoES Liverpool CNC router, as evidenced in my PPE-clad selfie above. Got to churn through machining out a bunch of parts, the PTFE mills really nicely, if it does also throw chips everywhere....

And the week wrapped up with finishing off a few bug fixes slated for inclusion in the next release of the Museum in a Box software. I need to wrap them up into a release, but it was good to move that along. It's been a while since we updated things, thanks to the pandemic.