Things have been ticking along nicely with the sensor monitoring app over the past fortnight, and that's been taking up most of my time.

The MySQL replication is all up and running, along with a more robust backup strategy which is giving both me and the client more peace of mind. Now that there's a more stable foundation to the app I've been pushing forward with the new functionality.

I'm hoping to get most of the rest of this phase of the project completed this week, which will fit in nicely with my spending most of the week after helping Tinker London out with another Arduino workshop. I spent Monday down in London to catch up with them for some planning about it.

And Friday lunch time was another Cathedral Valley lunch. We've hit the posh, expensive stretch of Hope Street now - yesterday was the London Carriage Works, and next will be 60 Hope Street.

The lunch deal isn't actually that pricey - two courses from a limited (2 or 3 choices per course) menu is only £15. As you can see from these pictures of my courses the presentation is carefully crafted and that attention to detail carried through to the chicken which was delightfully moist. I wasn't quite so impressed with the asparagus for the starter though, it seemed rather tasteless.