The sensor monitoring work has continued to be a common thread running through the past fortnight, and is entering the last couple of features now. It's felt good to just crank through the work and knock off the tickets in the issue tracking system I use.

Week 248 saw the sensor monitoring project interleaved with some Bubblino-related work. There was some refactoring of the code to add the ability to monitor any Atom feed as well as Twitter results, and also the birth of two new brothers for him. I was hoping to get them finished in time to take them down to London with me last Monday, but in the end a last-minute bug (which turned out, for once, to be in Passenger rather than my code) put paid to that. The extra time will let me perform some more extensive testing, so it's not all bad.

London was just an intermediate destination, as I spent most of the week in Ipswich. I was helping Tinker London run a three-day innovation workshop for around fifty BT senior executives. It was kicked off with a half-day TED-style session of talks, and then the group was broken into teams of four to design and prototype a new service to a brief based around voice.

It was less manic than last time as we weren't cramming it all into one day, and it also meant there was more time to get to know some of the people there. Three days watching new ideas being forged and chatting and bouncing ideas off some very bright people was pretty draining but fun.