Another couple of weeks with no big public announcements to make, although I'm not quite sure why I feel there has to be something important to say before I write some weeknotes. I think it's just my excuse for not writing them when there are too many other things of higher priority on the to-do list.

Bubblino has only had one outing of late, we headed over the Pennines for another great O'Reilly Ignite evening - this time the second Ignite Leeds.

Most of the remaining time has been the continual tension between getting on with existing projects and meetings, quotes and lining up work for the future. I've got a couple of projects confirmed for late June and July when the current big project should be finished, and a couple of others in the pipeline, so hopefully they'll come to fruition too.

The project taking up most of my time at the moment is the latest phase of the sensor monitoring app I've been building for a local surveying firm. I finished off the previous phase back in week 229 and this time round we're adding some new features and improving the redundancy and backup options for all the data. So the past week or so has seen me delving into the nitty-gritty of MySQL replication and backup - lots of new learning but nice when it all comes together as it's starting to do now.

And finally, the most important part of my weeknotes, the Cathedral Valley lunch reviews - there have been two lunches since my last weeknotes, both seeing us taking advantage of the gorgeous weather we've had here in Liverpool of late and eating outside. A fortnight back saw us descend on HOST where I sampled their Thai green chicken curry and managed (this time) to resist the lure of the chocolate and chilli brownie. Then last Friday we called into Ego for their Rapido "main course and a beer" lunch menu. The pizzas are some of the best I've tasted outside of Italy.