Busy, busy.

Lots happening over the past few weeks has meant little time to spend capturing what any of it was and documenting it over here.

Bubblino has been flitting around all sorts of events around Liverpool - from watching news of the General Election, to a weekend celebrating open source and creative commons at OggCamp10, and accompanying me to two Arduino workshops this week.

One of the Arduino workshops I've already talked about, and I gave a cut-down version of it at the Liver & Mash library mashup event on Friday. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a hackday for librarians, but it wasn't too dissimilar to any other sort of hackday with interesting, passionate people learning about new technologies, sharing experiences and sparking ideas off each other. I had hoped to get into some RFID hacking, given the prevalence of the technology within modern libraries, but through problems getting some new hardware ordered in time and it being a while since I last played around with the kit I've already got, that didn't happen. We only had an hour and a half for the hands-on session, which is only just long enough to get through the basics, so in practice it didn't really matter. Hopefully we'll get chance to play around with RFID some more in future.

Outside of the events, it's just been a case of carrying on with the client work and internal projects. No notable milestones reached of late.

The most recent Cathedral Valley lunch was at Rubato, in the basement of the lovely Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. They do a good range of hot and cold sandwiches, along with a daily specials menu of soup or quiche. My halloumi and onion marmalade baguette was very tasty.