Has another week passed already? Things have been rather busy this week, and there wasn't even a hint of the coming blur of activity in last week's weeknote. That's because the project that's soaked up every spare second, and quite a few that weren't spare, only found its way to the MCQN inbox last Friday.

A marketing agency had been let down at the last minute by one of their suppliers, leaving them with a couple of unfinished interactive displays for a big show. They found Tinker, who agreed to help out, and then drafted us in to provide some extra manpower as it was such short notice.

So this week I've had two day trips to near Lincoln, and a morning just outside Warwick. In between, there have been RS orders, some soldering, Arduino coding and even reverse engineering the (half-)workings of the existing exhibits. Friday was a particularly long day (strictly speaking I didn't get back to Liverpool until Saturday) but we managed to pull things together and it was great to see the disparate parts working as planned when we got them integrated.

Squeezed round all of that were a couple of meetings about future projects, and we got the green-light for the next phase of work with one of our bigger clients, which is lovely news. And on Thursday evening, Bubblino had an outing to a local leaders debate party. He was restricted to looking for tweets from the local area, but was still the most active he's ever been - running out of bubble mixture twice during the ninety minute debate. Hopefully that bodes well for the state of politics in the Liverpool area.