It's been a busy week for Bubblino. He's been out of the office all week at the Contemporary Urban Centre (not too far away) for the Contemporary Issues in Arts Management conference. It's an annual event, put on by the students of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and covered all sorts of topics from the Digital Economy Bill, through censorship in heavy metal music to opera houses and regeneration. Adrian joined him for the Friday morning session and was blown away by the quality and depth of the presentations.

The evening before, on Thursday, both Bubblino and Adrian were downstairs in the same building for the second O'Reilly Ignite event to be held in the city. Once again, Adrian was involved in organising the event and this time was manning the camera that was filming proceedings (so blame him if the video isn't any good). There's a write-up of the evening on the Liverpool Daily Post Creative blog, and I'm sure the videos will be online somewhere soon too.

Events apart, not a lot to report. There's been further work on a Bubblino commission and more internal project website work, but nothing noteworthy last week or this.

One thing I did miss in skipping last week's weeknote was the "Cathedral Valley" lunch review. We had an excellent turn out (over a dozen of us) which I think overwhelmed the kitchen at Korova a little. It was a bit of a dingy location for such a gloriously sunny day, being a bar rather than a cafe/restaurant, and the only food available is noodles. That said, there's a decent range of noodles available all served in New York-style cartons, and they manage to hold a deceptively large amount of food. We managed to resist starting the "Cathedral Valley" pool league, despite the allure of the table in the corner.