One of the advantages of having your own Bubblino is that you can easily tell when people are talking about it on Twitter. So it's not surprising that I noticed this tweet recently, from @Samotage:

@samotage's tweet

I'm always interested when people are writing about things that I've made, so I eagerly followed the link.

It was immediately obvious that he wasn't referring to any of my Bubblini, and was talking about something he'd built a few months ago for a trampoline event. I remember there being a brief flurry of activity on the #bubblino hashtag at the time, but it seemed like a one-off demo of his other projects so I didn't give it much more thought.

This time though, one line in particular leapt out at me:

"Perhaps they've even followed @bubblino on the twittorz. Note, that @bubblino is an impostor..."

The emphasis is in the original, but it does a good job of highlighting the part that got my attention.

Now, I'm sure that Sam Sabey didn't really mean that, but as it's completely untrue I can't let it stand unchallenged. I want to state for the record that @Bubblino is not an impostor and is the twitter account for the original bubble-blowing twitter-bot. I'd also like Mr Sabey to retract his comment, and appreciate it if he (or anyone else, I'm not singling him out for special treatment on this) didn't make the same mistake in the future.

Update: Sam has very nicely updated his original post to remove any confusion. Thanks.