To anyone who tried to use tedium at the end of last week, I can only say sorry.

Our hosting provider upgraded some of the software that tedium uses to run, and although normally that sort of thing doesn't cause any problems, this time it managed to break things.

Even when we'd realised there was a problem, it took a while to find exactly what it was and to fix it - Friday night was a pretty late one as a result. By Saturday we had it resolved, and tedium was back and available to users.

Just in case anyone is worried - none of the data was affected by the outage, so all your tasks, tags and notes are all safe.

Preventing the Problem From Happening in Future

Obviously, we don't want this to happen again in the future and so have put in place a couple of measures to prevent a recurrence.

Firstly we've slightly changed the way that tedium is installed. This means that it won't be affected by future upgrades (of this, the most common type) from our hosting company. We'll still upgrade to the latest versions of the infrastructure, but this lets us choose when that happens and we'll have tested (and, if necessary, fixed) tedium on our development server before the upgrade goes live.

And secondly, we've signed up with a monitoring service so that if any problems arise in future, we'll know about them and can start solving them minutes after they occur.