Don't worry, I won't be asking questions later.

However, if you are the sort of person who wants to keep extra details along with the tasks in their todo list (and at least one person is, because they asked for this very capability) then the latest feature in tedium will be most welcome.

You see, now it's possible to attach extra information and notes to any of your tasks. You just click the "click to add note" link when creating or editing a task, and you'll get a new text area in which to write whatever you like.

Put in the address of where you need to send the letter once it's written; or cut-and-paste the email detailing exactly where and when the appointment is; brainstorm the ideas for that presentation...

Finally, remember when I said I wouldn't be asking questions? I lied. But don't worry, this doesn't require that you remember what I said in the second paragraph. What I want to know is what you think of how the notes are shown. Should they start off hidden or displayed? Are there any problems with how they are displayed? Any ideas for a better mechanism for showing them? As always, leave a comment or send an email to