Nikki on the weeknotes this week! Now that we’re back on track with them.

Genrally quite short notes this week!

It has seen me mostly doing research in order to help us build a general company marketing plan, as well as looking at some potential tools for use to maybe start using. Obviously there’s the general social media posts and figuring out what other places might be a good way to get us known to a wider audience.

Chris spent some time tidying up the last few pieces of the cathedral Being Human project. We were having some issues around transition using a MAX485 based Arduino shield. This was swapped out for a more substantial and robust Enttec device. The local pi in the cathedral communicated with the lights via a serial connection to an Arduino. In the new setup we are able to communicate directly with the device. As part of this change we switched the Node red flow for a python script using the DMXEnttecPro library. Included with these changes was the addition of transition effects. Previously we swapped directly to the new colour chosen, now we convert RGB colours to HSV and increment a complete lap of the colour wheel before settling on the new colour choice. This gives a more impressive response from a donation and will hopefully drive more interest in the project for the cathedral.

Chris has also been chasing up potential suppliers who could manufacture the Ackers Bell for us, while Adrian has been working on some Bluetooth work with an ESP32.