Seems that I either spend my time writing weeknotes in which I complain that not much happened, or I'm too busy to write any weeknotes. Let's see if I can get back in the habit.

There's been plenty going on since the last weeknotes.

MCQN has moved into a new office, in the centre of Liverpool. We're sharing a space with a couple of other interesting local tech companies, and seem to be suitably infecting them with hardware hacking and tinkering. So much so that the office has been nicknamed the Room of Things 29 (International). Bubblino has been suitably updated, and when he's not off attending an event is alerting the office to anyone mentioning "#RoT29" on Twitter.

Speaking of events, we've been to quite a few: Hacks Meet Hackers Liverpool, Arduino DevCamp, this year's Be2Camp Brum, Over the Air, and DIY Music Day at World Museum Liverpool. I also gave a talk down in London at the Minibar Internet of Things and helped organise the third Ignite Liverpool, How? Why? DIY! and Howduino NCL

Project-wise, it's been all about sensing and monitoring. The workshops and development of some environmental monitoring at FACT has been completed, and there's ongoing work to monitor some air-conditioning units at a data-centre, and to investigate silos on farms.

Which brings us up-to-date. The start of the week saw our first ever batch of printed circuit boards arrive, which turned out to be a simpler process than I'd feared. They haven't been soldered up yet, as other work has taken precedence, but the holes seem to line up, which is a good start. Most of the rest of the week was taken up with testing and getting a feel for zigbee data transmission, and I rounded off the week in deepest Lancashire with a site visit to a chicken farm.

Not quite what I'd imagined when doing my degree...