I missed last week's weeknote but although it's been a busy fortnight, there isn't a huge amount report.

Maker Faire UK 2010, which happened just after the last weeknote, was excellent and I wrote up some notes on it separately. Other than writing up that, and a little bit of quoting on new projects, it's been a fortnight of hard graft on the set-top box project.

And it's been a fortnight of extremes with that work. The deadline for deployment was the end of the month, and things turned out to be a bit more complicated than anticipated - last week saw me delving deep into the source code for Firefox to add some new classes to the javascript libraries - resulting in some late nights and working the weekend to have things back on track at the start of this week.

Then in the progress meeting about it on Wednesday, it turns out there have been some developments on a different part of the project, which have pushed the deadline back a couple of months at least. So I spent Thursday mothballing the code and documenting what still needs to be done so that I can pick it up easily when we get the green light again.

All of which meant Friday was unexpectedly quiet. There are a few bits of client work booked in to be getting on with, but I'm looking forward to getting on with some internal project work and pushing on with some product ideas.

As it's an odd-numbered week, we had our "Cathedral Valley" local tech scene get-together for lunch. I missed the trip to the Everyman in week 233 as I was en route to Maker Faire, so this is eatery no. 3, The Side Door Bistro. It's a restaurant rather than a cafe, and I forgot to check for WiFi, although you'd stick out quite a bit if you tried to use a laptop. The food was lovely, with the steak sandwiches proving particularly popular amongst the group, accompanied with some spot-on chips and garlic mayo.