The first UK Maker Faire was a fantastic weekend, featuring all sorts of great and crazy gadgets and inventions.

Bubblino was a great hit - largely because there were lots of kids at the Faire - but there were plenty of big kids who couldn't resist whipping out their phone to twitter about the event and see if that really would make him blow bubbles. There was even one family who phoned home to get dad to twitter whilst they stood in front of Bubblino to wait for bubbles.

We also attracted the attention of some of the press covering the event. I didn't have the Internet connection working soon enough for the guys from Tyne Tees TV who were wandering round as we unpacked on Friday, but as you can see in the picture on the left, the BBC were filming during the event itself.

There's more about the weekend on my personal blog, and I'll be sure to point you at any content on the BBC if we appear on the BBC News website or any of the radio shows who were around over the weekend.