We're a quarter of the way through the year already! It doesn't feel that long ago that I was writing about the Annual Productivity Report for 2007, but the Productivity Reports for January through March have just been generated.

If you're a tedium user you should have received an email telling you about the report, or you can just log into your account and choose the "My Reports" link at the top or bottom of the page.

If you aren't using tedium and want to see what you're missing, the reports were explained when the feature was launched and there's a link to my personal report for 2007 as an example. Have a read through and then sign up for a trial account.

Speaking of my report - I seem to have raised my productivity during 2008. I can't compare directly just yet as the only prior report was for twelve months rather than three, but if I carry on at this rate over the whole year I'll get more than 25% more things done! We'll see if I can keep it up at the beginning of July...