Right from the start, tedium has been written to remember what you've completed as well as what you've still got to do. It's easy to forget what you've accomplished when you're constantly focusing on the remaining tasks - hopefully the reward comes from seeing your many projects finished and brought to life, but even before you're reached that final milestone its sometimes good to gaze back over the distance you've travelled.

We added a short "how far you've come" line to the lists of tasks a while back, but that's a deliberately vague and fun hint at what you've done. This latest feature looks back at your tasks in more detail and hopefully provides some more concrete data on what you've done and how and when you're most effective.

At the end of March, June, September and December we'll compile a report looking back at the tasks you've added and, more importantly, completed over the previous three months. Or in the case of December, the previous year.

Your Productivity Report will show you how many tasks you finished or created each day; let you see which of your tags were most popular; and look ahead to help you visualize where the bulk of your remaining work lies.

You also find out how good you are at completing things on time, and you'll see which days of the week, or hours of the day, are the ones where you get the most done.

If you want to, you can choose to make your report public so that you can show it to your friends or write about it on your blog, and that's something I've done with my first report. Feel free to have a look through it to see what the finished article looks like.

The reports only get generated at the end of each quarter, partly because you need a reasonable chunk of data for it to make any sense, and partly because we don't think it's healthy to obsess over statistics. However, if anyone wants a report generated for a different period (if you're approaching a milestone birthday, for example) then just drop me a line and I'll get one generated for you.

We will also be generating a baseline report for any new users, a couple of weeks after they sign up, but that isn't quite ready to go live just yet. When it does we'll include everyone who's signed up too late to get the 2007 Annual Report.