The latest version of tedium has just gone live. (Apologies if you could get onto it this morning, uploading the new version took a bit longer than expected)

Along with a handful of bug fixes, there are a couple of interesting new features.

The first won't make a huge difference to anyone using tedium, but will allow us to continue to improve things behind the scenes. If there's ever a bug which causes tedium to crash, it now sends a crash report to us so we'll automatically know of any problems and also have the information we'll need to investigate further.

More visible will be the changes to the task lists. Now, when you create a new task, or edit an existing task, it will only be shown in the current list of tasks if it should appear in that view - so if you're looking at the tasks due today, and create a new one which is due next week, it won't be shown in the currently displayed list. You'll just get a brief "Task created" message to let you know all is well.

And the biggest new feature is the ability to refine your tag views even further. At the top of each tag view, you should see a number of tag names prefixed with a little + sign. If you click on one of them, you'll get to see just the tasks which are tagged with the tag from the current view and also have the tag you've just clicked on. This will let you filter your list of tasks down even further for those times when one tag just has too many tasks.