There have been some pretty big additions in this latest update of tedium:

Customize Your 'Linkbar'

Hidden away on the "My Settings" page there's now a link to let you customize what links appear at the top and bottom of each page. You can choose from any of the due lists (tasks due today, or tomorrow, next week, etc.), any of your tags or any of your views (more on them below).

So if there are any pages you visit regularly to see what you need to do, now you can include them in the linkbar so that they're always just one click away.


Views are the biggest change to tedium since we launched! Views let you see more than one list of tasks at a time. So now you can see all the tasks tagged with "my_important_project" alongside all the tasks that are due today. Or see your "home" list next to your "work" list.

There are five different layouts to let you see up to four different lists at once. Just select the "My Views" list to get started on creating a new way of looking at what you've got to do.

Then once you've got more than one list on display, you can do cool things like drag tasks from one list to another. If you drop a task on a list with the tag "gardening", then the "gardening" tag will be added to that task (and the task will be added to that list, in addition to being on the original list). Dropping tasks onto a "due" list will set the due date to be the last possible date to appear on that list. So, for example, dropping a task onto a "due this month" list will set the due date to be the last day of this month.

On tag lists, you'll see a box at the bottom with the tag name written in it. If you drop tasks onto that box, that tag will be removed from the task and it will be removed from the list.

All this should make manipulating your tasks and keeping focussed on what you need to do even easier, freeing you up to get even more done (or spend more time doing fun stuff instead :-)