We've just rolled out a new release of tedium with a couple of new features that I thought worth mentioning.


The biggest change isn't immediately apparent when you look at your tasks, but should become apparent to those of you who commit your lists to paper.

The printing of lists has been completely revamped. So things which don't make any sense printed out (such as buttons to complete or edit your tasks, or the "enter new task" form) aren't printed; multiple-list views print out sensibly; and each task has an empty check-box printed to the left, so you can choose whether to cross out the entire task, or just tick it off, when it's done.

A New Four-List View Type

Picture of new list layout By special request from one of our users, we've added a new view type. The "major-three-minor" view lets you put one "main" list in the left two-thirds of the screen, and then slot three "minor" lists one after the other in the right-hand third.


The last difference you'll notice is that the "enter new task" form has moved from the bottom to the top of each page. I'm still getting used to it, but it makes more sense to have it first (particularly when you first arrive and don't have any tasks entered) and it means that the date-chooser drop-down no longer first appears off the bottom of the page.