It's been far too long since the last weeknotes, but there's been far too much going on without any of it making it onto here that I'm resurrecting the irregular schedule...

There have been some more Internet of Things Arduino courses run lately, and the MCQN Ltd HTTP client code for Arduino that we've been using internally for a while now (and that has been on Github for nearly a year) is on its way to being included in the official Arduino codebase.

Last week though, one of the highlights was a day spent with the Goodnight Lamp team helping flesh out all sorts of things about the product - from what hardware it might use, though how users would interact with it, to sales channels and distribution. It's a lovely project and we're excited to be involved.

And the other fun day out of the office was up at FACT. I took the DoES Liverpool Makerbot 3D printer along, and spent the day showing members of the public how to design things with Tinkercad and then printing them out. There's a brief write-up over on FACT's website.