It's a busy time here at MCQN despite, or possibly because of, not having a big project consuming all our time.

There was an end-of-field-trial meeting for the farm project, which saw us poring over results data and drawing conclusions. There were a couple of issues during the trial but overall the results are very promising. As one of my colleagues commented "if I hadn't seen the raw data, I'd have thought this had been rigged". We're now starting to plan the next steps, which will be a big chunk of work when it kicks off, but in the meantime it's a pretty quiet time for this project.

Last Wednesday I was over at the Art & Design Academy for the first Maker Night. It's a get together for anyone interested in hardware hacking, digital fabrication, electronics and related topics. As it was the first event I gave a couple of talks to introduce the topics - over on my blog I've posted the slides from the event.

The remaining time has been split between getting on with internal projects - mostly integrating the DNS and DHCP code into the official Arduino Ethernet library - and chasing new work. There's already a small job come out of the chasing, but there's still a gap in the schedule if anyone wants to talk to us about new projects - Arduino, Internet of Things, RFID, that sort of thing.

And if you're London-based and want to meet up for a chat about things, I'm going to be down there at the end of the week. Friday will be taken up with the Technology Strategy Board's Kickstarting the Internet of Thigns event, but I'm free on Thursday afternoon for meetings/coffee.