On Sunday a group of us took advantage of the space opened up by the guys at Nerve Magazine and held an interesting gathering in the old Rapid paint shop in the centre of Liverpool.

The Nerve Centre has played host to an eclectic mix of tech, art, political and community events (see here for the programme) and we continued the trend with some talks followed by a live recording and broadcast of the Rathole Radio free and creative commons music podcast.

The evening started with Deena Denaro talking about culture-jamming and presenting her Reverse the Wave subvertisement. Francis Irving was up next to talk about open democracy and the work of MySociety.org, and I rounded off the talks with some thoughts on the increasing amount of computing being embedded into the fabric of the city itself.

Here are my slides from the talk, and if you view them on slideshare then you'll get the notes too (and they bear some resemblance to what I said...)