In a recent email, Dwayne from Genuine Curiosity asked about ways to access your tedium tasks when you don't have access to the Internet. I figured it would be useful to post the answers up here in case anyone else wants to know.

The Short Answer

At present the only way to have your tasks available when you aren't connected to the Internet is to save the web page showing them, or print it out. Neither of those is ideal, which brings us to...

The Longer Answer

  1. We're working on a custom print option, which should be available soon. This will make the printed version work better - for example, things like the 'Edit' and 'Complete' buttons don't do a lot when they're printed on paper... so we'll strip out the parts that don't make sense when printed out; maybe add checkboxes to let you choose whether to tick tasks off as you complete them, or draw a line through them; and provide some space for you to write in new tasks as they occur.
  2. Mobile phone access will most likely be the next stop after that. Maybe that'll just mean making sure that it works with mobile phone web browsers; maybe it'll involve a way of getting and creating tasks through text messages; or maybe there'll be a downloadable Java app for phones. As you can see, this feature is a lot less well defined at present.
  3. Finally, in solving the problem for a phone, we'll hopefully work out a lot of the problems with synchronizing things and therefore some sort of offline access shouldn't be too hard to add.

If you have any thoughts about these ideas, or ideas about what you'd expect on the printed version, etc. then let us know either in the comments here or by email.