Recently we were asked who the good Internet of Things or Arduino people are in the North. The sort of people that we recommend on the occasions when MCQN Ltd is too busy, or don't have quite as good a skillset match with the project's needs. We figured it would be nice to share the details more widely - it's always good for more people to be aware of the great people we work with, and provides a glimpse of one aspect of the "UK maker belt".

These are the people who we know are those you can hire (rather than the bigger group of makers who do this sort of stuff outside their day job), and there'll be people we've missed off (there are a few we've not bumped into of late, and so don't know exactly what they're up to now, etc.) Do let us know if there's someone else you think should be on the list - it's always good to extend our contact book!

  • Cefn Hoile. Cefn is a fellow Howduino collaborator, and originator of the excellent bare-bones Arduino movement.
  • Ross Dalziel. Ross runs Sound Network, which does all sorts of electronic and makery projects with the leading arts organisations in the North-West (and not just musical stuff, despite the somewhat pigeon-holing name). He also runs Offcut Liverpool, our go-to place for laser-cutting when we need something bigger than the DoES Liverpool laser can handle.
  • MKE Computing is another DoES Liverpool resident, and responsible for creating the WhereDial - a nice IoT product. They also do iOS development, so a good choice if you need to involve a phone app.
  • Andrew Back is the most electronics-focused of the list, and among other things runs the Open Source Hardware User Group.
  • Stuart Childs is an artist and tinkerer extraordinaire, responsible (along with Matt Venn) for the DRBO polargraph kit.
  • Patrick Fenner is an engineer who can code. Of late, he's most often seen testing out laser-cut hinge designs and bringing some engineering rigour to the maker scene.