Hmm, from that last blog entry it looks like I've been off biking for a couple of months! That's not the case, although I did have a great time in July and really enjoyed seeing some of Tuscany, Naples and the Amalfi coast. We became quite adept at working out how to throw our bikes and all our luggage onto and off of trains, and even managed to rack up about 200 miles of riding.

Since then the office (along with the rest of my life) has moved back to the UK. Rather than head back to Cambridge, we've moved to join the burgeoning tech scene in Liverpool; and now that we've found somewhere to live, and bought most of the furniture we need, and unpacked most of the boxes, I can get properly back into the swing of consulting work, maintaining and developing tedium and Booklert, and driving the Mazzini project forward.

So if you're in Liverpool (or just the North-West of England), drop me a line to say hi - it's always interesting to meet new people and find out more about what they're up to.