The Festival of Maintenance is a day-long conferennce championing and exploring looking after things. The first one was last year, and I was among the varied-and-not-your-usual-roster of speakers. I was there with my DoES Liverpool hat on, talking about how we (ab)use the Github issue list to manage the work of running a makerspace.

This year the festival is coming to Liverpool and going to be held next-door to DoES Liverpool in the Fashion Hub (sadly our event space isn’t big enough). Recently the organising team held a planning meeting at DoES Liverpool and so John Grant, one of the organisers, took the opportunity to chat to me about the history of the Web and how that ties in with maintenance.

It’s a pretty meandering discussion, but one that (I hope) is interesting. We covered the history of web browsers (including my work on STNC HitchHiker/Microsoft Mobile Explorer); future robots and ageing; makerspace care homes…

You can watch/listen to the conversation below, and there are still tickets available for this year’s event in September. It’s only £15, and the line up of speakers looks great!