So it seems that Internet veterans Yahoo! are redesigning their logo. That "news" had mostly passed us by here at MCQN Towers, given that we're busy working on the future of the Internet. However, we read Ben Terrett's excellent blog Noisy Decent Graphics and he explains what Yahoo! are up to in his latest blog post.

In it, he says:

"Launching" a logo is always a bad idea, it's set up to fail. You are asking for Change Rage. Almost no-one will prefer the new, strange, different thing to the old, familiar thing. That will be magnified by the echo chamber of the forums and your CEO will be on the phone in no time. GAP, UAL etc.

As Michael Bierut once said to me, you almost never need a new logo what you need is the old logo with a haircut. Shell, Ford, etc.

The eagle-eyed regular visitors (i.e. no-one) will have spotted that there was a bit of a refresh to the website and logo a few months back. The MCQN Ltd logo morphed from:

Old logo


New logo

Things haven't changed all that much, so I reckon we could class that as giving it a haircut, and this is the first time the redesign has been mentioned on the site, so I think that counts as not "launching" it.

There you go, not just good at the Internet of Things, also inadvertently-not-terrible at logo redesigns.