If you use Outlook Express, backing up your email isn't particularly hard - you just need to know where it all gets stored...

And although it isn't immediately obvious, it isn't too hard to find once you know where to look. Outlook Express stores your email in an "Identities" folder in your "Application Data" folder. Where you find your "Application Data" folder will depend on which version of Windows you are using:

  • If you're using Windows 95, 98 or ME then it will be in your Windows folder on your main hard drive. Usually this is "C:\\WINDOWS".
  • If you've got Windows NT, 2000 or XP then you'll find it in your user folder - "C:\\Documents and Settings\\" then your username and then "Local Settings"

Inside the "Identities" folder, you'll find a strange folder name, something like {2CFE3B80-D798-11D9-B377-C46480978808} (or a number of these strangely named folders if you've created any additional identities in Outlook Express. If that's the case then you need to back-up each identity folder).

Inside that strangely-named identity folder you will find a "Microsoft" folder, and inside that is an "Outlook Express" folder. Finally! This is where all of your email gets stored, so you need to add this folder to the list of files and folders that DataCocoon will include in the backup.


On a basic Windows 98 machine I've got around for testing, the Outlook Express email folder is
C:\\WINDOWS\\Application Data\\Identities\\{2CFE3B80-D798-11D9-B377-C46480978808}\\Microsoft\\Outlook Express
On my Windows XP laptop, where my username is "adrian", the email is stored at
C:\\Documents and Settings\\adrian\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Identities\\{A4C58B88-D694-45D8-B3CD-9D79402CB8D4}\\Microsoft\\Outlook Express