It's been a busy summer. Of course, just when things are the most manic is when Amazon decided to update the API that Booklert uses to get the book information and rank.

Booklert uses a library (of code, rather than rooms full of books) to talk to Amazon, and that was updated to take into account the changes, but upgrading Booklert to use the latest version of the library turned out to not be a trivial operation.

Once we discovered that, there wasn't sufficient time available outside of the paid client work to sort out the problems and we had to disappoint people by leaving Booklert broken for a month and a half.


We'd like to thank all the people who sent emails to ask what was happening to Booklert, and whether they could help bring it back. Bringing other people in to help would've taken up more time than fixing the problem, and so we just needed to find some of that mythical spare time to dig into the problem properly.

That finally occurred over the weekend just gone, and Booklert sprang back to life yesterday evening.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for using Booklert.