We were reminded the other day (when it popped up on the Adafruit blog) of a project from BBC Research and Development that Adrian took part in that we never got round to sharing on here.

The BBC R&D team have been working in and around the Internet of Things for years (not least with the Perceptive Radio that we built for them) and have a wider interest than just looking at how connected devices can work in and around broadcasting and media.

Back in 2014 they gathered together an impressive roster of experts and filmed interviews with them discussing the issues around the ethics and challenges of data, privacy and the Internet of Things.

Afterwards they distilled the interviews into a series of short films, each focused on a different theme.

All of the films are available on the Ethics of Data playlist and there’s also an introductory blog post

The BBC plays an important non-commercial role in British life, and it’s good to seem them tackling such topics.