So far, (and this blog) has been primarily concerned with talking about the tedium, the company's main product.

However, that's never been MCQN Ltd's sole activity - it's just that the other stuff either didn't seem too exciting to talk about, or was covered by a confidentiality agreement with whoever we were working for.

I think it's high time we opened up a bit more, and talked about some of the other parts of the business. So yes, we do build things for other people - both web applications and embedded (mobile phones, set-top boxes, etc.) developement; if you think we can help you, take a look at the new "hire us" page and get in touch.

In the next few weeks we'll also be launching a new web app, aimed at authors. So keep an eye out for an announcement here when it goes live.

Finally, I want to talk more about things that we might build, or that we're investigating. There's a lot of overlap between possible projects for the company and ideas that are just me playing around with things; in the past I'd have kept them over in my personal blog, but from now on I'll err on the side of duplication and talk about them here too.