As part of FACT’s Art of Digital conference series we designed and ran a networking game to let attendees get to know each other while encouraging them to use social media more.

We built a set of RFID-activated hidey-holes which were secreted in locations around the venue. Each attendee had an RFID tag on their conference badge and marked them as a member of a given team.

Their first task was to work out who else was on their team, and as they collected more team members that would unlock clues to the location of the hidey-holes. When a team member presented their RFID tag to the hidey-hole it would dispense part of a physical computing prototype.

At the end of the day we had a workshop where each team assembled the parts into an Arduino-controlled motorized toy car. The amount of social media activity the team had generated translated to the distance the car would travel, so the day ended with a tiny drag race between each of the teams.