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Thoughts on the Internet of Furniture

As it's the time of year when all interests in furniture turn to Milan for the Salone, the guys from OpenDesk have teamed up with Torinese Arduino-offshoot Casa Jasmina to run a workshop exploring the intersection of furniture and the Internet of Things.

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30 Years Of... Exploring the Time Since the Miners' Strike

At the end of 2014 we were the technical partners on the 30 Years Of... art project to explore the 30 years since the Miners' Strike. We mentioned it briefly back when we released the Node-RED RFID module that we developed as part of the project.

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#PixelCheer, a Twitter-controlled Festive Gallery

Last Christmas, we gave you a tree,
With coloured LEDs,
You could set with a tweet.

This year, to increase the cheer,
We thought we would go one better...

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Adding SL030 RFID Readers to Node RED on the Raspberry Pi

2014 marks thirty years since the miners strike. To mark the anniversary, St. Helens art service and libraries have commissioned the 30 Years Of.. project from artists collective Re-Dock. In it, they are working with a group of ex-miners to capture their memories and engage with the younger generations, who've grown up in a St. Helens that no longer sends people underground to dig for coal.

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